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The Truth behind Auto Insurance Myths

At some point, every driver is going to need to acquire Auto Insurance. Searching for the best Car Insurance can be intimidating for those who are familiar with how insurance works. Finding great Car Insurance may not be as difficult as you can think. This article delivers you the truth behind auto insurance myths.

Myth: Red cars cost more.

Truth: This myth stems from the fact that red cars attract more attention and are more likely to get pulled over for speeding. In actuality, the color of your car does not determine your insurance rate. Insurance rates are based on the following:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Engine
  • Body Type
  • Vehicle Age
  • Driver Age
  • Driving Record
  • Credit History
  • Car’s Sticker Price
  • Repair Costs
  • Safety Regular
  • Theft Popularity



Myth: It’s better to buy from an agent.

Truth: If you browse multiple Auto Insurance policies from multiple carriers, you are more likely to find lower rates. If you do decide to use an agent, try to speak with agents at several different companies. Companies like SkyBlue Insurance have the ability to find you multiple rates on Auto Insurance

Myth: Premiums increase as you age.

Truth: Actually, the opposite of this myth is true. As you get older, your rates will decrease so long as you maintain a great driving record. There are even some Auto Insurance discounts for drivers over 55.

Myth: Small cars are cheaper.

Truth: Though the size of the car can determine premium rates, smaller doesn’t necessarily mean that your policy will be cheaper. Smaller cars can experience more damage and the drivers in them are more likely to receive serious injuries. Mid-sized SUV’s are actually the cheapest to insure.

Myth: If you’re in an accident, not reporting will prevent your rates from increasing.

Truth: This myth is not completely false. If you’re involved in an accident and you don’t report it, your insurance provider will not know. That is unless the other driver reports the accident to their Auto Insurance provider. If they do contact their carrier, their carrier will contact yours and report the accident. Also, if you receive a ticket for the accident, it will appear on your driving record and cause your rates to increase.

Myth: Thieves target newer cars more often.

Truth: Older cars are actually more vulnerable because they have fewer security measures than newer cars. This makes them easier to break into. They are also more likely to be stolen for parts.

Myth: One speeding ticket will increase your rates.

Truth: Usually it takes two speeding tickets to increase your rates. If you get one ticket, you’ll have the opportunity to go to traffic school and avoid getting marks on your policy.

Myth: Minimum liability coverage is enough to keep me protected.

Truth: Most states have a minimum auto insurance requirement, but this may not be enough to cover all of the costs. If your insurance does not cover the full amount of the damages you’ve called, your assets and personal finances may be subject to charges.

Myth: Comprehensive coverage protects you in all situations.

Truth: Comprehensive coverage is only one type of protection. It is meant to cover your vehicle for damages not related to collisions, including fire, theft, vandalism, weather, and collisions with animals. If you want coverage for collisions with other vehicles, you will need to add collision coverage to your policy.

Hopefully knowing the truth behind auto insurance myths will make finding auto insurance easier. If you’re in need of Auto Insurance or feel that you are paying too much, give us a call at 1-800-771-7758. We can help you find affordable rates on policies from Direct General Auto Insurance in the nation. You can get started by requesting a Direct General Auto Insurance quote for free!

Truth Behind Auto Insurance Myths


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