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Procedures for Minor Collisions


Woman sitting after collision - Direct General InsuranceNo one wants to experience the trauma of a car accident. Auto collisions are unexpected and the severity is unpredictable.  Luckily, most collisions are only minor. Below we give you some procedures for minor collisions.


Move to a Safe Area

If your vehicle still runs move it out of the way of traffic. There have been numerous reports of people who get injured after the accident because they weren’t in a safe place. If you are in a minor accident, move your car to the shoulder of the freeway, an empty parking lot, or any other area that’s out of the way.

Stop your Vehicle and Get Out

We get it: an accident is a highly intense moment; you may not be thinking straight. After accidents, many people get out of their car without remembering to put it in the park. After you make sure your car is completely stopped, remember to check your surroundings before exiting your vehicle.

Call the Police

A police report can be very valuable during an accident; especially if the incident leads to a court case or a discrepancy in your insurance. They know procedures for minor collisions. When you are involved in a minor crash, contact your local law enforcement. They will be able to check if any of the drivers are intoxicated or driving illegally. Sometimes, people who are involved in accidents may become violent. If a police officer is present, there is less likely to be an altercation. If there are no injuries, the police are less likely to show up to the scene. Be sure to file an accident report through the DMV immediately.

Gather Information

This is one of the more important procedures for minor collisions. Try to get as much information as possible from the other driver. This info should include:

  • Driver and passenger names
  • License plate numbers
  • Insurance information
  • Makes and models of all vehicles involved
  • Contact info for any eyewitnesses
  • Location of the accident
  • The name and badge number of any responding police officers

Take Pictures

Some auto collisions can lead to lawsuits. To protect yourself, be sure to take pictures of all damage done to each vehicle that was involved. This will also help you when you show your insurance provider the damage you need to be covered.

File an Insurance Claim

If you have Direct General Auto Insurance, you can contact your provider while on the scene of the accident and file your claim instantly. Your Direct General Auto Insurance agent will contact the insurance provider of the other driver and decide on what is and isn’t covered by your policy.

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It is important to know procedures for minor collisions. Accidents are completely unpredictable and can happen in the blink of an eye. Remember to stay calm and follow the steps that were broken down above. Your safety is important. Also, remember to get Direct General Auto Insurance to cover any damages.

Procedures for Minor Collisions


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